The Magic City Discovery Center is committed to the health and safety of our community, and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, as we resume in-person camps and classes, we will follow

CDC and North Dakota Health Department Guidelines.

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October 3

October 3, 2020

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October 17, 2020

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October 3

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Activity Videos. 

Watch to get a step by step process for all

sorts of STEAM projects.  

When you are done with your project, send us a photo or a video!


Oct. 3

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our classroom and school visits are not available at this time.  

Our Educational and Outreach program is available to students now as our capital campaign is underway. 

Liz Weeks, our full-time Education and Outreach Director will visit individual classrooms bringing STEAM-related lessons directly to the classroom.  Teachers and students will benefit from hands-on, engaging lessons connected to 

North Dakota State Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math Standards






                               Please email Liz Weeks:

or call/text at 239-826-8310 for information regarding visits.

After scheduling you may pay below by credit card or arrange for payment by check.

If purchasing a GIFT CERTIFICATE  for a teacher or school, please pay here then email teacher name or school name to:

Liz Weeks,

Education and Outreach Director


The Magic City Discovery Center engages children and families

in the magic of life-long learning through discovery, creativity, and play. Children's museums can best be described as engaging and interactive "playgrounds" with exhibits and programming that stimulate curiosity and motivate learning.

At Home STEAM Activities for Kids!

Are you looking for some fun stuff to do while you are social distancing?

Look no is a list of super ideas to get your imagination flowing.

No Technology Needed For These Activities

  1. Build a Fort:  THINK-DESIGN-BUILD

  2. Dig up your garden to find some Earth Worms.  Ewww...But so FUN! 

  3. Chase a butterfly.

  4. Find a secret hiding place.

  5. Make MUD pies.

  6. Make a crayon rubbing of a leaf.  

  7. Bury a TIME CAPSULE of all the things you are doing during COVID-19. This will be a great piece of history!

  8. Collect some rocks and paint designs on them, then hide them around your yard.

Computer Needed For These Activities

  1. Dig up some Earth Worms:  Can you count the segments?  Watch this fun video 

  2. Plant a tree or flowers in the backyard: Here's some information on the life cycle of a plant.

  3. Glider Launcher from Mystery Science:  Watch this video for explanation and instructions.

  4. How are rainbows made?  Watch this video from Mystery Science



Check out the links below to enhance classroom learning.