Hanson Foundation to sponsor community room at new Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum of Minot Board of Directors is proud to announce that the Stanley E. Hanson Foundation agreed to donate $100,000 to the Magic City Discovery Center (MCDC), to help in the capital campaign to build a stand-alone, 20,000 square foot museum on Minot Park District land on north hill in Minot.

“We are proud to support Magic City Discovery Center, and we are thrilled that children and families in the Minot area will soon have a new museum to learn and play. It’s certainly a cause that Stan would have supported,” said a representative from the Stanley E. Hanson Foundation.

The Stanley E. Hanson Foundation is a private foundation that grants funds to organizations working to improve the lives of the disadvantaged – particularly kids, veterans, and animals. Born in Ryder, North Dakota, Stan Hanson (1930-2009) was a father, successful entrepreneur, and friend to many. He was a humble and generous man that supported various causes throughout his lifetime, and The Stanley E. Hanson Foundation is proud to continue his legacy. Past donations in the Minot, North Dakota region include flood recovery support to the Roosevelt Park Zoo and Erik Ramstad Middle School.

“The Board of Directors wants to thank the Stanley E. Hanson Foundation and its Board of Directors for this generous contribution to the Magic City Discovery Center capital campaign,” said Mark Lyman, president of the MCDC Board of Directors. “It’s great to see organizations who have invested time and money into Minot-area programs over the years continue their investments. This commitment continues to show the viability of and need for a regional children’s museum based out of Minot.”

A capital campaign is currently underway to raise the $7 million estimated to construct a 20,000 square-foot building, design and build 4-5 exhibit galleries of varying sizes, and set up funding for a museum endowment – along with other items. The Hanson Foundation’s donation will sponsor one of two community rooms within the facility.

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