Dr. Daniel and Amy Lee Sponsor Lobby

The Magic City Discovery Center Board of Directors is proud to announce that our newest board member, Dr. Daniel Lee and his wife Amy have chosen to make a $100,000 donation to the Magic City Discovery Center (MCDC). The funds will sponsor the building lobby of the stand-alone, 22,000 square foot museum on Minot Park District land on north hill in Minot. This generous gift is a demonstration of Dr. and Mrs. Lee’s commitment to the children of our region and the community of Minot.

Dr. Lee, DO, MMS is an Orthopedic Surgeon with Trinity Health Care. Dr. Lee said, “My wife and I have three small children. Because Amy and I feel so strongly about the benefits and importance of the MCDC, we decided to commit our time and resources in making it become a reality. I am urging my friends and fellow professionals in Minot and the surrounding region to do the same.”

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Lee’s enthusiasm on our board,” said Mark Lyman, President of the MCDC Board of Directors. “We appreciate his support for the community of Minot and generous contribution to our capital campaign. We are well over halfway to our monetary goal and even further along in design of the building and exhibits. The Board of Directors of the MCDC congratulate and thank Dr. Lee and Amy for helping make this dream come true.”

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