Tires Plus and Valvoline Instant Oil Employees believe in Community!

Jarid Lundeen, the owner of the Tires Plus and Valvoline Instant Oil Change center in Minot and Bismarck, believes in giving back. Employees of those businesses share the same passion. If you stop by the store on a Friday, you are sure to spot some team members not in dress code, but that is totally OK with Jarid! You see, staff members can wear jeans on Fridays if they are willing to donate a minimum of $2 to a local charity. Many employees choose to go above and beyond! Jarid then matches all of the team’s donations. By year-end, dollars become thousands!

After hearing about the Magic City Discovery Center from its Executive Director, Wendy Keller, the employees and managers rallied behind the idea. Doug Hollingsworth, store manager at Tires Plus in Minot, says, “We are not a huge business, but we felt if everyone pitched in, we can help. We are proud of our team’s dedication to such a great local project.”

So rally they did! Employees of the business have pledged $20,000 through 2020! Both Jarid and his team are excited about the opportunity to invest back into the same local community that supports them with countless loyal customers.

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