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The Magic City Discovery Center strives to have a facility that is universally accessible and inclusive for every guest. The Magic City Discovery Center has entrances that are universally accessible to wheelchair and strollers. The elevators provide access to all floors and exhibits. Accessible restrooms and parking area available. To the greatest extent possible, we have designed our exhibits for all abilities. Our staff has received additional training on different abilities and how to make the Magic City Discovery Center a fun, educational, and enjoyable experience for all. There will be special events for children with autism and other sensory processing differences to come and enjoy the center! 

Sensory friendly nights

  • Sensory Nights are designed for children and their families who may have special needs, differently abled individuals, and those who have sensory sensitivities.

  • We understand that the museum can be a bustling place. During Sensory Friendly Night, we provide adjusted sound levels and limit attendance to create a calmer environment.

  • Sensory bags will also be available at the front desk.

  • Families can explore the museum at their own pace.

  • Sensory Night is held the third Tuesday of each month from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

  • Sponsored Sensory Nights are Free; non-sponsored months are $5.

  • We hope to make this a free event in the future through sponsorships.

  • For more information or to sponsor a Sensory Night, please reach out to

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