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Tickets, Memberships, & Hours


We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance, guaranteeing you entry and a great experience.

General admission passes must be redeemed on the date selected. No refunds will be given for unredeemed passes. 


General Admission

Annual Memberships









9 AM - 4 PM

9 AM - 4 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

12 PM - 5 PM

Ages 1 - 64

Seniors 65+


Family Access




We will offer a

significantly reduced admission price

of $1 per person

to those with an

EBT or SNAP card.

Family Membership: $175
Family Plus Membership: $225
Military Membership: $140
Military Family Plus Membership: $180
Grandparent Membership: $175

Click above to reserve tickets

Gift Cards

Giving the gift of play, exploration, and discovery with a gift card to the Magic City Discovery Center provides hands-on learning experiences through STEAM based education. Make memories that last a lifetime!

Magic City Discovery Center gift cards are good towards admission, annual memberships, educational programming and merchandise. 

Visit Tips

Visits to the Magic City Discovery Center will certainly be exciting. With 12 galleries and over 150 interactive exhibits, you will want to allow plenty of time to explore. Before your discovery experience, check out Visit Minot to find out where you can stay, eat, shop and attend other events in the Magic City.


The Magic City Discovery Center strives to have a facility that is universally accessible and inclusive for every guest. The Magic City Discovery Center has entrances that are universally accessible to wheelchair and strollers. The elevators provide access to all floors and exhibits. Accessible restrooms and parking area available. To the greatest extent possible, we have designed our exhibits for all abilities. Our staff has received additional training on different abilities and how to make the Magic City Discovery Center a fun, educational, and enjoyable experience for all. There will be special events for children with autism and other sensory processing differences to come and enjoy the center! 

Code of Conduct

Keeping all discovery center guests and staff safe to discover and learn. Click Here to download the Code of Conduct.

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