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  • How do I reserve tickets online?
    Click HERE to check out our step by step guide on how to access your online account to reserve admission tickets.
  • When will my membership card arrive?
    Great news! Membership cards are not required for you to visit! You will be asked to show your ID to gain admission. You will have the option to request a membership card upon your first visit. For now, the printable version on your receipt will serve as your temporary membership card.
  • How long is the annual membership I just purchased good for? Does the year start when you purchase it or just until the end of the calendar year?
    Your membership will be good for a whole year from the date of purchase.
  • If I purchase a family plus membership do the account holders have to be present with the two additional visitors to gain access with the children on the account?
    No, they do not have to be present, but the additional visitors will be asked to show ID upon arrival. If you have a specific person in mind as your additional guest that will be bringing the kids often, add their name to your account as you can name up to 4 people.
  • I don’t have any children or grandchildren between the ages of birth to 14. Can I still visit the center?
    Absolutely! We are open and welcoming to all visitors.
  • I want to be a member but I don’t have any children. Can I still buy a membership?
    Yes! You absolutely can.
  • I am a daycare provider, and I would like to bring my kids to the discovery center. What option should I select?
    We extend our field trip admission price to daycares which is discounted off regular admission as long as you schedule in advance.
  • How do I prove that I am active-duty Military or a Veteran so I can purchase the Military Family Membership?
    We are asking for Military ID for the first visit as we just want to confirm you are a Military/Veteran family and qualify for the 20% discount. Thank you for your service!
  • What is a Charter Member?
    Charter Members are those who showed their support of the Magic City Discovery Center by purchasing their memberships early, prior to our grand opening. Charter members get exclusive access to the Discovery Center before the general public. As we are now open to the public, there will no longer be a chance for you to be classified as a Charter Member.

Membership FAQs

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