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AIr Forces

An AIRMAZING Adventure about the power of air, an important resource in our world! In our Air Forces Gallery, visitors are introduced to air and wind energy by engaging with interactive exhibits that range from tabletop to full-body experiences, making the concept of moving air and wind concrete and exciting. As visitors experiment with choosing moving, making, and testing objects of all types and sizes at various stations, they will follow the scientific process to make discoveries about the physics of moving air!

How adults Can support Discovery, Creativity, Exploration, and play in Air Forces

  • Encourage them to manipulate variables, such as the strength and direction of air currents, to observe cause-and-effect relationships

  • Ask questions about how air and wind affect objects in different ways

    • How does the shape of this object influence how it moves in the wind? What moves faster? The bigger foam pieces or the smaller foam pieces?

    • What makes the wind strong or gentle?

    • How can we use what we learn about wind to make things better? Maybe a kite or wind-powered toy?

  • Air is important! Here are some fast facts!

    • Air is about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% is other stuff like carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen!

    • Air can also hold water which is what we call humidity

    • While air might seem light, there is a lot of it pushing down on Earth! This is air pressure and it is highest at sea level and gets lower the higher up you go

    • Living organisms can also be found in the air, they are called bioaerosols

    • The fastest gust of wind recorded on Earth was 253mph and in January of 2021, North Dakota had windspeeds of 93mph!

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