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Our Move Gallery introduces the fundamentals of physical science. This gallery is designed to kinetically introduce visitors to core concepts involving simple machines, gravity, energy transfer, velocity, and acceleration. Explore how objects move, build your own rollercoaster designs, play with Slinkys on treadmills, and discover the power of pulleys. Watch as the magic of motion comes to life!

How adults Can support Discovery, Creativity, Exploration, and play in Move

  • Talk about how the pulley makes it easier for them to pull themselves up! How the cranks make the gears turn! How magnets make things stick!

  • Encourage them to make connections between MOVE and everyday experiences

    • Where else have you seen things move like they do here?

    • How can we use the things we learned here at home?

  • Motivate them to try different things and create their own hypotheses about how they work

    • What happens when we change the angle of this ramp?

    • How could we make the ball go further or faster?

  • Let them lead the building process, ask how they might need help, and allow them to explain what they are building and follow along!

  • Move is all about simple machines and these simple machines make our lives easier! Can you find examples of all of the simple machines below?

    • Wheel and Axle

    • Lever

    • Inclined Plane

    • Pulley

    • Screw

    • Wedge

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