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Magic City Discovery Center hosts KidSpace at North Dakota State Fair

Staff and volunteers from the Magic City Discovery Center offered space-themed fun and learning all 9 days at the North Dakota State Fair. This is the second year of providing activities at KidSpace and attendance was up 40%.

There were 14 activity stations for kids of all ages. Children were able to make balls float at the Zero Gravity station, navigate a robot around planets to the moon, build rockets and pretend they are flying in a spaceship to Mars among other things.

New stations this year included a Rigamajig building area and Giant Jenga that attracted many adults in addition to children. Families used their imagination to build all sorts of interesting things.

The Space Vortex was a favorite for children of all ages who never tired of loading scarves into the vortex and seeing them fly out and drift to the ground. Visitors reported it was a wonderful place to take a break from the heat and for kids to learn something too.


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