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Magic City Discovery Center Receives Local Awards

The Magic City Discovery Center was honored on Tuesday, November 14, to receive awards for two of the five categories that the center was nominated for at the Alliance of Nonprofits annual community recognition luncheon.

The discovery center was awarded Organization of the Year and the center’s former Education and Community Outreach Director, Liz Weeks, was awarded Emerging Leader of the Year.

The Organization of the Year award honors a member organization that is most deserving based on their activities during the past 12 months. The nomination of the discovery center detailed how the center has collaborated with other organizations, businesses, and community members, as well as the commitment the center has on bringing STEAM education to children and families of our region. The award was graciously accepted by 11 members of the discovery center staff and board.

The Emerging Leader of the Year award honors a newer nonprofit leader who has already made a significant contribution to the sector and has demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service. The nomination submitted for Liz detailed her contribution to the success of the Magic City Discovery Center through her countless hours spent organizing the 150+ exhibits and educational programming that make up the center’s three floors. It also detailed her kind demeanor and belief that children learn the best through play, experimentation, and hands-on experiences.

As 2023 has been the inaugural year of operation for the Magic City Discovery Center, these recognitions have been vastly appreciated by all who have put in 10 years of hard work to make this dream a reality for the Minot community.

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