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Members Only New Year's Eve Extravaganza Weekend


We are excited to announce our Members Only New Year's Eve Extravaganza Weekend!

As promised, this will be the first of our members only events and we are looking forward to offering this extra opportunity to our members to enjoy special programming just for you! If you would like to join in on the fun you will be able to purchase a membership and still be able to attend this members only event!

We would like members to sign up online to reserve their spot! We have 5 time slots available throughout the 2 day event.

Sign up with the link HERE or call the discovery center for help getting signed up at 701-858-7529.

We have a ton of fun activities going on during the event such as: Prize Walk Glow Room Dance Party STEAM Careers BINGO Photo Booth Plus many other art and science activities available!

We hope to see our members there!

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