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SageGlass Windows

For those of you who have admired our beautiful building while making the drive up to North Hill, have you ever wondered about our huge curtain wall of windows? They are a science experiment of their own as they are equipped with SageGlass technology!

SageGlass is an advanced dynamic glass that can be electronically tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve everyone's experience in the Magic City Discovery Center. It enables us to control the sunlight and glare without shades or blinds, maintaining the view, and connection to the outdoors, all while reducing energy consumption. SageGlass also has a similar life expectancy to static glass windows.

The SageGlass windows are driven by an intelligent control system that uses sensors and algorithms to tint automatically in response to light conditions.

In summary, SageGlass provides our building a positive solution by blocking the sun on hot days or harnessing the sun on cooler days. The glass can significantly improve energy efficiency, responding to changes in the environment limiting the heat or cold entering the Discovery Center. These windows reduce a lot of cost when it comes to heating or cooling the building!


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