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What a summer it was! Our Education and Outreach program, Discovery on the Go! was busy, busy, busy! Thanks to the Minot Park District, we were able to hold three fantastic summer camps at the Minot Municipal Auditorium.

At Biology Camp the kids created models of their skin (dermis) and made heart and lung models. Space Camp was full of out of this world experiences like making a model of the solar system and developing a lunar lander that protected an astronaut (a raw egg). Bug Camp was complete with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and tons of bug collecting with our Insect Aspirators! Spencer Furniss, Entomologist Extraordinaire for the second year in a row, taught the kids so much and we may have some future entomologists in Minot!

Amidst all the full week camps this summer, the Magic City

Discovery Center hosted KidSpace at the North Dakota State Fair. Nine full days of fair visitors exploring the Lunar Landing, Journey to the Moon, playing in the space vehicle simulator, and tons of fun learning about circuitry with Snap Circuits. Little kids and big kids alike enjoyed the opportunity to get a bit of STEAM education while at the fair.


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