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Twice Blessed Program donates more than $90,000 to the Magic City Discovery Center over 4 years

The St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation's Twice Blessed giving program has been quite the blessing indeed for the Magic City Discovery Center. In 2021, the program completed four of its five-year commitment to the Magic City Discovery Center by donating just over $22,000 toward the ADA compliant elevator for the now new 4-story discovery center. In total, the Twice Blessed program was able to provide $40,000 from the St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation to match a total of just over $50,000 in public donations. The elevator allows us to fulfill our mission and ensures that all floors of the facility will truly be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

"We are grateful for the support this program has provided and thankful for the partnership with St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation," said Wendy Keller, Executive Director of the Magic City Discovery Center.


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