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North Dakota Awards $5.9 Million to Magic City Discovery Center

We have known there would be fundraising for several years to meet our goals. Seven years ago, our initial goal was to complete the building and 2 floors of exhibits for $7-$10 million. With the $6 million DCIP grant, we were able to complete not just 2, but all 3 floors of exhibits, and we are ecstatic that the Magic City Discovery Center has been awarded $5.9 million from the state legislature through the Department of Public Instruction.

These dollars will allow us to complete a rooftop science and event area, additional outdoor exhibits, as well as meet increased COVID-19 related expenses and so much more. Goals that we thought would be many years off in the future will now be accomplished over the next 2 years.

Senators Randy Burckhard and Karen Krebsbach were instrumental in getting these funds for the Magic City Discovery Center and we truly appreciate their support.

The Magic City Discovery Center will be a hub for educational resources for children, parents and schools. We are so thankful for all the support which enables us to break ground next month on this world-class Discovery Center.


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